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We offer great deals on steel tip and soft tip darts, dart flights, dart shafts, and other dart accessories. Whether you are a professional or a casual darter we have the dart set for you.

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Featured Products

Hammerhead 80% Series
Hammerhead 80% Series
Hammerhead darts are designed with a mechanism that decrease...
Razor Grip Piranha 90%
Razor Grip Piranha 90%
One of the most popular selling darts, Piranha 90% come in v...
Hammerhead Devastators 95%
Hammerhead Devastators 95%
Hammerhead darts are designed with a mechanism that decrease...

Black Widow Darts
Black Widow Darts
STYLES Black Widows come in either the Ringed or Grooved mo...
Diva 85%
Diva 85%
Super Stylish 85% Tungsten featuring Sleek Color Matched Gro...
I.C.E. 90%
I.C.E. 90%

Common Dart Questions
What size soft-tips do I need?
There are two sizes of tips 2ba and 1/4". 2ba is the metric 3/16" unit of measure. 2ba is by far the most common size of soft tips.
Are the dart flights and dart shafts sold in sets of three?
Yes, all of our darts, dart flights, and dart shafts are sold in sets of three, unless otherwise noted.
What advantage is there for Tungsten Barrels?
Tungsten is a more dense metal than brass, so tungsten barrels will weigh more than brass barrels of the same size. Tungsten darts have a smaller diameter than brass darts which allows them to be grouped closer together on the board. Tungsten is also more durable than brass, so the knurling will last longer on tungsten darts compared to brass or nickel-silver. Most tungsten barrels are made with 80-90% tungsten. The higher the percent the smaller the diameter will be, compared to other darts of the same weight.
What advantage is there for movable points on darts?
Movable points are designed to absorb some of the shock when the dart hits the board or wire. This reduces the number of bounce-outs. Our most popular movable point darts are the Bottelsen Hammerhead Darts and the LaserDarts Black Widows. Movable points are a matter of preference some players prefer fixed point darts.
How much is shipping?
We charge a flat rate $6.99 on all orders.
Do you ship internationally?
We currently only ship to the US. Although we do ship to APO/FPO addresses.

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