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Black Widow Darts
Black Widow Darts
  • Model: Tungsten Steel-Tip
  • Manufactured by: Laser Darts

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Black Widows come in either the Ringed or Grooved model. The Black Widows also come with either movable or fixed points.

The manufacturing process begins with a billet of high-density tungsten. The billet is then center-ground and shaped. The barrel design gives you the best of both worlds... A slightly front-weighted dart for increased accuracy, and a slim barrel for more precise groups. After all tooling is completed, the barrel is re-checked for proper weight.

Darts are normally coated by painting or baking the barrel surface. 'Widows' are vapor coated in high heat furnaces that fuse mixtures of titanium/tantalum nitride and titanium carbide to the tungsten barrel. These durable coatings, available in black or gold, provide unsurpassed gripping qualities and a startling appearance.

LASER POINTS (Steel-Tip Dart Models)
A rough black oxide coating is applied to the point to increase friction and prevent softly thrown darts from falling out.

'SPIDER LEG' SHAFTS (Fixed Points)
Four high tensile strength wires are anchored in an aluminum base and covered with heat shrunk rubber to form a firm hold on the flight.

Black Alamo shafts used on all 'movable point' models. Flights, shafts, and Case may vary.

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