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Black Widow Soft Tip
Black Widow Soft Tip
  • Model: Tungsten
  • Manufactured by: Laser Darts


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The manufacturing process begins with a billet of high-density tungsten. The billet is then center-ground and shaped. The barrel design gives you the best of both worlds... A slightly front-weighted dart for increased accuracy, and a slim barrel for more precise groups. After all tooling is completed, the barrel is re-checked for proper weight.

Darts are normally coated by painting or baking the barrel surface. 'Widows' are vapor coated in high heat furnaces that fuse mixtures of titanium/tantalum nitride and titanium carbide to the tungsten barrel. These durable coatings, available in black or gold, provide unsurpassed gripping qualities and a startling appearance.

Ringed or Knurled models.

Four high tensile strength wires are anchored in an aluminum base and covered with heat shrunk rubber to form a firm hold on the flight.

16-20 grams
in Deluxe Show Case
w/ Extra Flites Tips, & Tool

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