Hammerhead Darts

Hammerhead GT & GT3
Hammerhead GT & GT3
  • Model: Tungsten Steel-Tip
  • Manufactured by: Bottelsen

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Details: The World Record Holding G.T. Hammer Head dart has been the most desired dart among professional dart throwers for over 25 years. The streamline design of the G.T. dart gives unprecedented flight characteristics for truer flight trajectory.

The G.T. III features Thrust Cuts which give the G.T. dart an extra gripping surface. Both the G.T. and the G.T. III are available in silver or Black Steal finish.

Smooth G.T.:
24 (9/32") Grams
26 (5/16") Grams
28 (5/16") Grams

Barb-Grooved G.T. III:
23 (9/32") Grams
25 (5/16") Grams
27 (5/16") Grams

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