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Whether you are a professional soft tip dart player or the ocassional pub player, we have the soft tip darts you are looking for. We carry a wide variety of dart brands with an extensive range in barrel styles and weights to satisfy every dart player's needs. Barrel grips range from smooth to extreme knurling. Also be sure to look at our electronic dartboards.

Soft tip darts are most commonly made from three different materials, brass, nickel-silver, and Tungsten. Tungsten darts are the most popular of the three types. Tungsten is a more dense metal which allows the darts to have a smaller diameter than brass darts of the same weight. Most tungsten darts are made from 80%-90% tungsten. Soft tip tungsten darts are usually made with 80% tungsten to keep the weight down. Brass and Nickel-Silver alloys are easier for the manufacturers to work with than tungsten, so they tend to come in a wider variety of grips. Tungsten also tends to be more expensive than Brass or Nickel-Silver.

The tips for soft tip darts come in two different sizes, 2ba and 1/4". 2ba tips are by far more common than 1/4". Local leagues have different regulations for the weights of soft tip darts. 16-18 gram darts are the most common and are accepted in most leagues. Because soft tip darts are light than steel tip darts, darters usually use flights with less surface area to reduce drag.

All darts, shafts, and flights are sold in sets of three, unless otherwise noted. Most darts are compatible with 2ba tips and shafts unless otherwise noted. Manufacturers change the packaging and accessories for darts regularly. We try to keep our photos as updated as possible, but cases, flights, and shafts may vary from those pictured.

We offer soft tip darts from the largest brands, Dart World, GLD, Harrows, LaserDarts, and Tiga. If you have any questions about our products or need advice choosing the right set of darts please feel free to contact us at
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