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Dart World opened its doors in 1970 and today is one of the largest dart distributors in the world. Dart World is the exclusive distributor in the United States for Harrow Darts of England. Dart World also holds poduct licenses for Anheuser-Busch, John Deere,and Harley-Davidson. Dart World carries several soft tip darts. Dart World's soft tip darts range from the ordinary to those with the most extreme grips.

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Chrome Jewel Soft Tip

Dart World's Chrome Jewel is a mid-priced soft tip dart that is constructed of brass and chrome. A carrying case and extra tips are included with the...

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Piranha 80%

Piranha 80% Tungsten Soft-Tip Darts Tooth Tearing its way into the dart industry is Dart World’s own Piranha. The killer combination of our number...

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Piranha Razor Grip 80% Soft Tip

One of the most popular selling darts, Piranha 80% come in various weights with several grip styles. The new razor grip consists of hundreds of small...

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Shark Fin 80% Soft Tip

Dart World's Shark Fins are equiped with a unique grip pattern. When your fingers run across the barrel in one direction it feels smooth, but when...

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X3 80% Soft Tip

Dart World's X3s are made of 80% tungsten and come in a variety of grips and weights. The barrels have deep cuts and grooves for improved control of...

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Xtreme 93% Soft Tip

Dart World's Top of the Line Tungsten Darts! Each Barrel is Laser Engraved and features Top Spin Shafts and packaged in the Awesome Galaxy Case. Two...

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