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V-Factor 90% in V-Factor Case
V-Factor 90% in V-Factor Case
  • Model: GLD Products V-Factor 90%
  • Manufactured by: GLD


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Details: V-Factor 90% in V-Factor Case
Tungsten Steel-Tip Darts
90/10 Striped Tungsten
Taking the theory of the “x factor” or that “it” quality, the V-Factor darts are made up of 90% Tungsten with 150 micron thick flights and Polycarbonate short opal shafts. With excellent one of a kind packaging, no one has anything like this on the market!
V is for valiant, voracious and victorious. All this and more with these most unique and extraordinary darts.
Flights and shafts may vary.
22-23-26 grams
with V-Wallet in V-Factor Case

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